Member Expectations

The goal of this clan is to provide every member with a direct link to exceptional teamwork and exceptional game play. Likewise, the member is expected to give back to the community the same level of exceptionalism. In order to be exceptional, the members must carry themselves proudly and hororably. In battle, the member must provide clear and concise intelligence to their team so the team may work together as one large body in action in pursuit of a common goal instead of dissassembling itself into the individual goals and desires of the individual team member.

In order to achieve these goals, some guidlines must be followed.

  • Members are expected to be mature and professional.
  • The member is expected to be active. If you want to be accepted into the clan, we need to see that you want this badly.
  • Cheating is not allowed. If a registered user is caught cheating, they will be removed from this site and banned in our servers. If they are a -TTT- clan member, they will be removed from the clan.
  • Advertising other clans or personal endeavors is not allowed in our Forum, Shoutbox, or Teamspeak without prior approval by The Management. Such content is subject to removal. Repeat offenders are subject to disciplinary action.
  • A direct line of communication must be available. We understand that everyone has their own life and some may be able to spend more time gaming than others, but when gaming, the member is expected to be on Teamspeak. We recommend that members also use Steam or Origin.
  • The member is expected to be concious of the objective of the current match being played, put aside their own individual desires, and not elevate the importance of their own player score or kill-to-death ratio.
  • Player names have to be consistent on Teamspeak, ingame and on the website. Whenever a member wishes to change their name, they have to contact the Clan Officers and ask for their name to be changed on the website. After change the member has to make a post in the General Chat section notifiying the other members about the change.
  • A recruit will be accepted as a Full Member when they demonstrate an adequate level of dedication to the community. As said above.
  • Full Members are expected to proudly wear their -TTT- tags while playing online multiplayer games. However, a newly registered member cannot wear our tags yet.

Please also refer to our Terms of Service for rules regarding your use of The Tac Team services.