Discord-only Ranks Policy

Differentiating between Recruits, Friends, and Scrubs


  • Scrubs are non-members who are only granted access to Discord for some gaming, but are in no way, shape or form affiliated with TheTacTeam.
  • Friends are non-members who are real life friends or family. They have access to Discord whilst their 'contact person' is online with them.
  • Recruits are non-members who have registered on the website. They are granted unlimited access to the standard Discord channels.


  • Scrubs may be given access to the Discord server through promotion into the Scrubs Role by someone with Server Admin rights.
  • This is specificly for players invited by clan members for one gaming session for the sake of communication.
  • Of course if the player is eager to play more with us, the player is free to visit the website and register. Upon completion of registration the player should contact a Discord Server Manager or Clan Officer to give the player his Recruit Role.


  • Real Life Friends or Family may be given access to the Discord server through promotion into the Friends Role by someone with Server Admin rights.
  • Friends are the responsibility of those who invited them into Discord. It is therefor the 'Clan Member Contact's' responsibility that their Friends adhere to our ToS. Discord Server Moderators and Clan Officers are there to assist where necessary.


  • These are 'Clan Members to be' and are taking part in the Recruitment Process to become a Clan Member.
  • When they join Discord for the first time they will be added to the “Recruit” Role after linking their Discord account with their Website account through the upon entering provided link.
  • The “Recruit” Role members will be periodically cleaned out. Any recruits that have been declined or went AWOL will be removed.
  • If a recruit is admitted into the clan, their permissions will be changed as soon as possible by a Discord Server Moderator.