Terms of Service

The following topics must never be posted or discussed in the Forums, Shoutbox, Private Messages, Discord, or any other Tac Team service:

  • Use of Swearing
  • Illegal Acts or links to Illegal Web Content
  • Sex and Sexual Acts
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Race
  • Demeaning or Derogatory Topics
  • Images, Videos, or Audio content pertaining to the above Categories

Any such discussion carried out in a public area is subject to immediate removal and disciplinary action may be taken against the offender(s).  No Moderator or Administrator of The Tac Team can be held responsible or liable for the discussion of such topics and cannot be charged with not removing such content within a certain time period. All Tac Team Members and Management do this as a hobby and cannot be expected to be always present to monitor against such offensive content.  Remember that this is not an "18+" website and thus any content considered as being "18+" cannot be displayed or discussed using clan services.  Additionally, the following rules will be enforced:

  • Cheating is not allowed. If a registered user is caught cheating, they will be removed from this site and banned in our servers. Additionally, if they are a -TTT- clan member, they will also be removed from the clan.
  • Advertising other clans or personal endeavors is not allowed in our Forum, Shoutbox, or Discord without prior approval from The Management. Such content is subject to removal. Repeat offenders are subject to disciplinary action.
  • Additionally, Discord is to be used according to the Disord Etiquette Policy.

The Tac Team Management reserves the right to remove any User's account with or without warning for any reason and to additionally ban a User's access to The Tac Team services if so willing.