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The Tac DJ

Hello there everybody, recently I descovered a really awesome website called plug DJ. The idea of this website is that you can play a song for everyone else in the community. Together with Aqualad I made a community for TTT. The community is not focussed on just LoL, everyone can come in and play or listen to a song or 2, ingame or just chilling. Its completely free of charge and the first 3 members to join the community will become managers. Here's the website for those who are interested: . I'll see you there!


(It might happen that nobody is playing anything, in that case feel free to join another community untill there's people in our community again)

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Good idea. I endorse this.

Good idea. I endorse this.

Have five dying fetuses out of five!


А ну чики брики и в дамки!


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Great for the league sessions

Great for the league sessions when I'm a bit tired of my own playlist Smile

You're going to carry that weight.