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Limit maybe new player

Hello I might be a new member. So if you want to know something about me, just keep reading.

   My name is Libor but i rather use Limit in game. I will turn 16 soon I speak English and Czech but i dont really think somebody will understand me :D. I study at High school. I spend a lot of time on PC and when I do I like to spend the time with someone so that's why Im looking for some clan. I play BF4 and Dota 2 mainly. So that's the introduction if you want to know something more messege me or check my profile.

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Welcome to the site, Limit, i

Welcome to the site, Limit, i've given you recruit tags on teamspeak so you should be able to join channels etc. Hopefully see you on the Battlefield tomorrow Smile


А ну чики брики и в дамки!


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Hey, and welcome to the TTT

Hey, and welcome to the TTT website! Smile

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Hello ^^

Hello ^^

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Dobrý den! Welcome to the

Dobrý den! Welcome to the site Smile

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Hello ! welcome to the

Hello ! welcome to the website Smile