Discord Etiquette



1. Bad language and negativity are not allowed, they will only create tension.


2. Raging and flaming are prohibited. Wether they are towards others in the game or especially towards your team members. You may rage when others can't hear it.


3. When in a tactical channel, please focus on the game and keep chatter to a minimum.


4. Don't disturb others in tactical channels unless you're directly involved.


5. Not in the team, not in the channel. Don't eavesdrop on others, move to a different channel.


6. When playing in a tactical channel, use the correct terminology. Stay focussed and be concise and accurate. Fewer words describing the location of a hostile, your critical status, or any vital information are easier to understand and act on.


7. A tactical channel is not the place for long stories, keep your messages short and clear.

Example of in-appropriate feed: "omg I got shot in the back, I was jumping off this wall, and landed safely when he saw me, and I thought I could make it to the other ledge but then he shot two bullets in my back which I managed to escape but alas, the third one got me"

Example of proper Feed: " I’m Down, 3 tangos Hallway" or "Sniper, 2nd floor, white building!".


8. One feed at a time, await your turn.


9. Whenever you fire at a friendly, apologize and leave it at that.



Keep it professional, and more importantly; enjoyable for everyone.