TTT goes Open Source

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TTT goes Open Source

Dear Members and Fans, 

Changes have been implemented:

The conventional clan is dead R.I.P.

TTT has evolved from a closed clan to an open community. 

Membership is still an elite status, but is no longer needed to access the website or Discord. Full members are the only ones that can actually use the TTT tags in-game. Full TTT members can do basic admin on pubs on Discord, so make sure you show them TTT peeps the respect they deserve. 

We love our community. Based on the activity we've seen over the past two years a fundamental change was needed. We hope you'll enjoy our new system and if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact one of the clan officers through the contact us form on the top of the website.

PC Clan Officer

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I honestly expected a video

I honestly expected a video showing the changes ^^

onwards to new adventures!

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Very ggood newa ihhaaaa 

Very ggood newa ihhaaaa 

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