Administration Responsibility and Member-Abuse

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Administration Responsibility and Member-Abuse

Dear All,

This administration practices respect above all among all its members and provides all the opportunities, liberty and support in all its forms to facilitate and nurture promising ideas and individuals. Members are entrusted with privileges and are supported so long as they are not at the expense of other members. That said, the administration does not tolerate behaviors that evoke hatred, racial or any form of abuse as stated in the TOS.

After a series of unfortunate past events, mishaps and complaints that have been addressed by numerous interventions, advice and chances. As well as exhausting all options and opportunities of realignment all while being entrusted with a critical administrative role to uphold the clan values; please advise that the user Schwarzflug "AKA Dundas" has abused this trust, and consequently, has been revoked of his privileges, has been kicked from the clan and is permanently banned from the clan and all affiliated services.

I would also like to stress that should any members encounter any references of the aforementioned -or any- abusive behaviors occurring in this clan, please don’t hesitate to approach me immediately in order to take the correct course of action. The Tac Team administration reserves the right to remove any User's account with or without warning for any reason and to additionally ban a User's access to The Tac Team services if so willing.

The administration is here to support all its members and stands by its goal to achieve and provide for a safe and welcoming environment for all.

Thank you,


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A couple of years too late in

A couple of years too late in my opinion, sadly a very troubled individual who overall (i know some of you had a good relationship with him) had a bad influence on the whole clan. Wouldnt really mind if he stayed, but i greet the decision with open hands. 

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Thank you archi, for keeping

Thank you archi, for keeping this clan a safe and fun environment! I completely stand behind your decision.

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