ESL - Road to Diamond

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ESL - Road to Diamond

Hello Everyone,

As part of the Road to Diamond Initiative, I beleive it is essnetial that we rub shoulders with the best in order to gain experience and push our limits to new heights. Playing in tournaments should form our strategies and forge the necessary tactics and chemistry to achieve our goals as a team.

Enter ESL,

I believe ESL is one of the best places for us to gain experience. Having a common goal should align our skills and force us to face well-established teams. I believe this is a move we should take in order to step-up our game and get recognized within the RB6 realm.

I would like to invite our RB6 players to an open discussion towards this initiative. i.e. what do you think?

Its a good idea but we should

Its a good idea but we should try some scrim matches before we go ESL.


Scrim matches with who

Scrim matches with who exactly? Big Grin is there a clan war search thing site?

MontagneGIGN wrote:

MontagneGIGN wrote:

Its a good idea but we should try some scrim matches before we go ESL.

Doesnt ESL basically takes care of the whole scrim thing? i.e. date, time, teams, scores...etc... the only difference is that in ESL you are "officially" ranked against other clans, which is exactly what we want. How else would we know how we are compared to other clans? I still think ESL is the way to go unless a good alternative comes up.

Ofcourse, ESL is just an

Ofcourse, ESL is just an option. Any tournaments or events are acceptable.

hello people, we are trying

hello people, we are trying to make a r6s team, tryouts are open to join, feel free to try

Hey Guys, 

Hey Guys, 

We are starting tryouts for RB6, if you dedcide to join us, please take note of the following:

1- We have created a Dedicated RB6 Tryouts Channel. This channel is open for inviting potential Siege Players that you meet in game. You are free to send them an invite to join you in that channel.

2- In the Matchmaking preference options:

  • Turn Off - Hostage
  • Turn Off - Coastline

3- We are gaming for 1 hour everyday around 15UTC (check the clock on top of the website to know the time at your place).

Thank you.

See you soon

See you soon Wink

Coastline is fine, you have

Coastline is fine, you have to learn the map, I don't agree on switching it off

I also want to say that lately I have MANY connection problems so I'm not very much reliable and I could crash suddenly Dash

"iPB my leader and only master"

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