Etunes aka Emails aka Emīls

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Etunes aka Emails aka Emīls

My name is Emīls but most of my friends call me MC( because i'm a really good rapper(not really)) but on the online community im known as etunes or Emails...

18 years of age and my ambitions are to earn money, bring joy to the world (mostly to my relatives and close ones) and to experience new things in life ( not necessarily great things but some of each, hope this one will be one of the good ones ).

After a few months im becoming a seaman or a sailor as some call it (hopefully i meet the health requirements)

Mostly play some RSS,LoL, SC2, Dota, Overwatch and a lot more.

A close friend of mine known as MeatFox invited me here and i enjoyed the company that i met(hopefully it was mutual) 

Oh, i also do folk dance, did some basic combat and survival training which is nice.

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Welcome to the site etunes!

Welcome to the site etunes! It was great gaming with you today, we definitely need to play more to get coordinated accordingly, which is something i look forward to. I hope you have a great time here. If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask them, we're all here to help Thumbs Up

Welcome again! Smile

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Welcome to the forums etunes.

Welcome to the forums etunes. Great games yesterday!!

As a matter of clan security we're gonna have to see a video of the type of folkdance you do. ROFL

If you're up for Overwatch, Kiwi, the Architect, TMCesare and myself are regular players. I also heard a rumor that Whooper plays Overwatch; its not true, he only plays the trombone. ROFL

Hope you enjoy your stay with us!

PC Clan Officer