Hi!!! :)

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Hi!!! :)

My name is Double D. You can call me Double D, Diablo D, Double or just DD.

I came here through BB (Blackbird). I love being part of gaming communities and want to meet more poeple.

I met BB through twitch where I was carrying him in Rocket League.

Born in the UK and currently live in Cyprus (it's a shithole don't ask)

I am open to play most games. I mostly play Rocket League, COD (with friends) and any game that takes my fancy for a while.

I hope to have some great interactions and memorable moments with you all while being the sole reason we lose all our games Smile

Looking forward to playing with you all! :)))

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ew gross it's dd

ew gross it's dd

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Sup D-Dude!

Sup D-Dude!

Welcome! i look forward to blaming you loosing our games! Smile


Here's to gaming with you soon dude!

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Welcome to the forum DD!!

Welcome to the forum DD!!

PC Clan Officer

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Welcome DD, it was nice

Welcome DD, it was nice playing with you today Smile 

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Rocket league....

Rocket league.... suuuuuurrrreeee

And welcome!