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Hi everyone :)

Oh hello everyone,

Some of you know me from Discord, but I think it's time for a proper introduction.

I am Shab. 

I came here through Archi. We met in Overwatch and then he introduced me to this amazing community. 

I am really glad that I am here. You all are amazing and you showed me that these kind of communities still exists out there and for that I am very grateful. 

A few things about me:

  • I love Christmas and everything related to this amazing period
  • I am a cat person, but I love dogs too
  • I am a very calm person, this means that you will not hear/see me raging or getting angry or shouting (probably that's why my voice is so low-this is related to all of you who heard my voice via Discord) 
  • I am from Romania but recently moved in to Sweden due to work change 
  • I like shooting things(in games of course)

I started playing games since I was little, with the old Counter strike 1.6. Then I took a break of several years, I think 10 maybe. In the mean time highscool started and then college and then I had some roommates who played Counter strike and the nostalgia appeared so I wanted to go back to this game, bla bla, unimportant, I know.

And that was the point where Everything started.

  • played cs 1.6
  • Decided to actually apply for a gaming company to play and get payed in the same time
  • started to love my job
  • took a break of several years from playing "because job and responsibilities and tiredness" (unimportant)
  • Started playing Overwatch and Battlefield 
  • And then some more Overwatch 
  • And then I got here and started playing Call Of Duty

Oh wow, A huge wall of text. I think I told you my entire life. 

Anyway, I hope I can get to know all of you in the future and thank you for the warm welcome.

If you have more questions for me(probably not cause now, all of you know my entire life), do not hesitate to ask me either here or on Discord. 

You rock!

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Shab is wicked player and

Shab is wicked player and usually carries a full team in hardcore Wink

Keep on rocking Shab =)


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Good aim, can take walnuts on

Good aim, can take walnuts on 1v1 sniper and destroy him, and a good teammate to play with. I shall teach you the way of the Molotov and looking forward to many more games that are not in Piccadilly.



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Cats + Christmas + Gaming =

Cats + Christmas + Gaming = best resumé ever!!

You've found the website, and then proceeded to write an epic introduction post ROFL

'Achievement unlocked'

It's been great playing with you, I can already tell you're a straight shooter! See you soon and I look forward to dominating the internet with you Thumbs Up Thumbs UpThumbs Up

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it was nice having met you

it was nice having met you for the first time Shab the other day. great to have you onboard with us.

looking forward to play more with you in the future.

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Kiwi... i cant post

She found our secret lair! and wrote what I can only describe as an astounding post describing an epic journey! With bullet points and all! I laughed while reading it and I cried, there were moments of intrigue and suspense, and others where I had to turn-on the lights for.

Chapter 1 – The Encounter

Yes, indeed I found this lone-wolf (or cat if you like) in the streets and back-alleys of Over Watch. No one knew who she really was until one day, I was attacked by a gang of Tanks and DPS, I was bullied to the ground with only 1hp left "it's the end" I told myself...suddenly out of nowhere, I felt a ray of energy, I was still alive, and immediately did my ultimate to turn the tables on the enemy team and wipe them all out!

After the dust settled, I looked up, and there she was... The one and only Mercy! tethering me with a life-line, and she said "I Saved You"... and would never let me forget that to this day.

We made a pact ever since to roam the streets of overwatch, fighting side by side, and carry Kiwi along the way.

Then I brought her here, to our secret hideout, so that she may no longer wander astray in darkness, and hopefully, can make this a place she can call home.

A lethal Mercy in Overwatch, and a straight shooter in COD, this “DVA” knows how to punish! “ask Quadge, he will tell you” … and she is a great teammate to have on the Battlefield “whenever they fix that damn game”

I look forward to many gaming adventures with you Shab! And hope you have a great time here!

P.S. I can’t wait for chapter 2 of your post ROFL jk

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I was sold at the cats, but

I was sold at the cats, but the great heals in Overwatch also helped a lot Thumbs Up

Please don't ever try to revive this thing people call our website again though Wizard

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Kiwi wrote:

Kiwi wrote:

but the great heals in Overwatch also helped a lot

yep, dem healz are magic