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a smol bean

♡♡♡♡♡ Hiiiiii I'm Royal! You can call me Stephanie, Steph, or just Royal das cool too. I've known Birdy for awhile and he mentioned this clan and it sounded fun! I haven't played with A LOT of you guys because big shy but I wanna make friends!! I'm a console pleb BUT I'll be making the switch to pc soooon ish maybe possibly idk don't rush me I'll cry.

Some lil tidbits about me:

  • from chicago (kinda)
  • i like to play shooters COD, overwatch, also really into DBD
  • my favorite color is purple ( purple pc setup in the future maybe )


I'm looking forward to playing with you guys and making friends!!! ♡♡♡♡♡

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Hiiiiii royal!! Welcome!

Hiiiiii royal!! Welcome! Finally made an intro x)

Hope you enjoy your stay Big Grin

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Hi Stephanie, 

Hi Stephanie, 

I've seen you for a while on discord and I am really glad that you decided to join us for some games. Its nice having you here. I hope we can play some games together soon. You don't have to be shy with us. We are all very friendly here ^_^ 

When you see us on discord, jump in and let's be friends and play together ^_^

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aw shit here comes a queen ♡

aw shit here comes a queen can't wait to play with you more my girl Smile

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Oooo DBD! What rank?? :oo

Oooo DBD! What rank?? :oo

I'm only rank 8 so I'm not really that good.

Welcome to the clan!

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Welcome to the website Steph!

Welcome to the website Steph! Look forward to gaming with you Thumbs Up

PC Clan Officer

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whalecum royalababs

whalecum royalababs

"Fail fast, keep failing, fast success, die trying."Nutty 2020

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The wahmen are taking ovaaaa.

The wahmen are taking ovaaaa. Hello Lorde...i mean Royal, welcome to the site Big Grin