What up what up y'all

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What up what up y'all

it's ya girl Hannah.

I got here through Birdy. I somehow met him through twitch. I haven't gotten the chance to play with y'all toooooo much, but you all seem super cool and chill and I've been enjoying the bits and pieces of games we have played.

Ummmmm lil bit about me:

  • I'm from Alabama.
  • I have two dogs (Bo and Lucy) and a cat (Belle) and will provide pics of them if anyone wants.
  • I typically enjoy the 'softer' kinds of games like Minecraft, Animal Crossing, etc. but have been getting into more shooters this year, like COD, Overwatch, and Apex Legends.

Looking forward to playing with all of you in the future Smile

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Oh Hello Hannah didn't notice

Oh Hello Hannah didn't notice you here Big Grin

Welcome Welcome, great to see you here, let's kick more a$$e$!

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Welcome Hannah,

Welcome Hannah,

Finally another girl in this community, and a really cool one. ^_^

It was really nice playing with you these days. 

Oh, I want pics with Bo, Lucy and Belle <3

Are you playing Overwatch on pc? If yes, it would be cool to play with you there too Smile

Keep on rocking ^_^

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Hey Hannah, awesome games!

Hey Hannah, awesome games!

What OW hero do you play?

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