Hi everybody!

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Hi everybody!

Hello:). My name is Anthony and I'm from Finland. I started gaming when I got my ps3. First I started with racing games but then I got COD4 and loved that game instantly. it's still one of my favourite games till today. After that I got MW2 which was fun but not as much. When I got tired of call of duty games I bought BF3 and that game was amazing, still is. It was the first game to get me really into videogames, specially to FPS-games.At the age of 15 I invested to my gaming pc and it turned out to be a beast of a machine and got me from ps3 to pc and Battlefield 4 kept me on that road. BF4 was I huge thing for me. I have never been so hyped about any other game before and the first thing I did was I preordered the digital deluxe and prerium right a way when it was possible:p. Still the best game I have ever played!:) Unfortunately, I'm 16 now and started high school last summer. It's a lot of work, school, and it's hard for me to find time for playing but right now I can still play at least 1-2 hours of BF4 a day. Turning 17 in december and I really want to get a better internet then. Better to play BF4:D+ I want to play at esports at some point and this is not the internet connection for that XD. Joined to TTT mainly because I got tired to play alone and joining into a clan was in my mind for a long time but never really did anything about it. This is the first clan I've joined so I hope I won't disappoint you guys:)

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Welcome to the website ATOX!

Welcome to the website ATOX! I'm sure we can help you with getting more win ROFL


Hope to see you soon on the battlefield and teamspeak, and if you're active on both the forum and teamspeak you'll be a member in no time! Big Grin

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welcome to our site dude,

welcome to our site dude, hope to see you on Teamspeak

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Welcome to the site, Anthony!

Welcome to the site, Anthony!


А ну чики брики и в дамки!


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Welcome Anthony!

Welcome Anthony!

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Welcome to our site

Welcome to our site Smile

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Welcome ATOX !

Welcome ATOX !

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Welcome to the site dude

Welcome to the site dude Smile

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welcome to the website!

welcome to the website! another finnish guy, awesome!! Big Grin



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hi ATOX001

hi ATOX001 Smile

yes cod 4 was one hell of a game! awesome at LAN parties Tongue

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Welcome to the site mate i

Welcome to the site mate i hope to see you soon Smile