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Made this topic so that you may post films that you've seen recently. Anyway just post about movies, give your ideas and impresions of them and then a final review of how much you liked it out of  /10.


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Pacific rim 7,5/10 Very fun

Pacific rim 7,5/10 Very fun to watch, good music, very good special effects, very good eyecandy.

12 years a slave 9/10 dramatic, brutal and moving. most likely one of my favorite movies of this year

captain phillips 8,5/10 very good movie that thrills you even without much action.

Hunger games: catching fire 5,5/10 over serious and repeats the same routine as the first one. acting isnt anything special either. just a movie to please the average crowd that do not care so much about movies. its trying so hard to be such a drama/thriller that it just destroys itself.

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The wolf of wallstreet 9/10

The wolf of wallstreet 9/10 epic lude's

47 ronin - Neo goes epic samurai... good flick, 7.5/10 Big Grin

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Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas is strange, very strange but good!

Cloud Atlas is a movie that spans several centuries and has a strong emphasis on reincarnation and the actions of those persons that will affect their later lives. Sounds cheesy, yes but it is very well done.

This is coming from a guy who finds the idea of reincarnation implausible and usually I do not like movies that use it but this movies grabbed me from the start and pulled me in further and further all the way to the end.

The movie is complex and very hard to follow at times and will definitely benefit from multiple watch sessions. There are scenes in this movies that seem irrelevant or messy but to me it all made sense in the end.

The soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal in this movie and the special effects are not too shabby either.

In the end the overall story(ies) are incredible and the characters are very convincing and you root for them constantly.

There is one downside though, because it is so bold in its way of telling the story that you either love it or hate it.

The ending will leave you very emotionally unstable as you will feel both incredible happiness for the characters but at the same time sad and moved and the movie even had me shed a tear (which isn’t regular for me).

Overall a must watch for everyone who wants a different movie in a time of dumb action flicks and Michael Bay’s silliness. It’s a intelligent movie with A huge cast and as huge story.


Audio is love, audio is life.

Courage isn't the absence of fear, It's doing what must be done despite the fear.

"An apology is worthless if you do not learn from your mistake." - Me


Cloud atlas is great!

Cloud atlas is great!
And if you like weird movies the I'd recommend you my all time favorite flock - old boy the revenge - you may find it searching for simply old boy.

The camerawork is great as well as the acting of the main ensemble.

The characters are interesting and the plot is great.

First time seeing it I almost turned it off about ten times (i thought it was horrible) but in the later part of the movie that all changed.

This flick may require a few watches if you want to ser all the small details.

Are you guys just gonna let

Are you guys just gonna let me make a 50 shades of grey joke?

(Don't worry, i've seen some movies too)

Jupiter Ascending: The story was pretty good, but had lots of holes in it. The action scenes were also pretty good, but weren't anything special.  I rate 7/10

Seventh son: Both a very interresting story and really awesome fighting scenes. Overall one of the best movies i've seen in a while (also IMAX 3d is truely astonishing). I rate 9/10

Kingsman: Secret Service

Kingsman: Secret service

IDK, I was kinda dissapointed, a VERY childish movie (heads exploding into fireworks, single man killing a whole church, blades instead of legs etc), bad story, everyone just happens to know how to shoot like a james bond and fight like jackie chan after half a year or so, the way the villian (which is portrayed by Samuel L Jackons and is the only bright light of the movie cause he's hilariously funny) is trying to take over the world is comment. If you're looking for an action comedy, to relax and have no better movie to watch, then go for it. I really dont know how it got a 8.2 on IMDB, still scratching my head. I would give it a mere 6.

Birdman - a MUST SEE for


A MUST SEE for EVERYONE, an awesome movie.

50 shades of gray

50 shades of gray

yes i saw it, already knew what it was like tho. Was worth it for friends reaction. 0/10

if you guys really wanna know about it i'll post more Tongue

ya gotta anticipate the dinger



Jeez man, I dont know where to start. This movie disgusted me, moved me and gave me thrills and kept me wanting more. Fury is one of the only movies I have seen that shows the true grit of war and how disgusting it is. The movie is amazingly well shot and overall very well acted. Combined with a chillingly good soundtrack that will make you listen to it on youtube. This movie really suprised me, come on, who isnt sceptical when brad pitt is in a war movie but he shined here. Even Shia la bouff was good!

now the movie is not perfect though. The movie is at its best up until 2/3 into the movie with the end act feeling like a video game end boss but it did not disappoint because of the sheer brutality of this movie.


if you dont believe me about the soundtrack:

Audio is love, audio is life.

Courage isn't the absence of fear, It's doing what must be done despite the fear.

"An apology is worthless if you do not learn from your mistake." - Me


Gone Girl 10/10

Gone Girl 10/10

  I have nothing to type about it cause i dont want to spoil anything, but jeez this movie was insanely intense! To last moment. You gotta watch that Smile