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Internet problems

So, I've been having trouble with my internet for far too long now and I'm done with it. Time to do something. I know that the problem can't be the internet itself because it works perfect with everybody else's computers, just not mine. I tested the internet speeds of my brothers pc and mine. I had a download speed of 0.8Mbps and he had 10.8Mbps. My question is why?. He's on WiFi and I have an extender in my room connected with a cable to my pc. Does anyone have any advise to fix this problem?

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An Extender effectivly halves

An Extender effectivly halves your internet speed you get after the connection reaches the extender.

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your extender might be broken

your extender might be broken. Maybe something like this might fix it

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I can also recommed "PowerLAN

I can also recommed "PowerLAN" style things like in the above post ^

Awesome bits of kit, with no wirers having to be placed through your house. All you need is a plug socket at your PC somewhere and a socket near your router! Big Grin They do them quite cheap nowadays too!

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Be aware that they will not

Be aware that they will not work in every house, and that they should always be placed in wall sockets to prevent packet loss etc. or even preventing it to work.

Best solution will always be a direct UTP cable.

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Ok, well thanks from your

Ok, well thanks from your help guys. It's been working for a couple of days now but we'll see when it jams again :/. Need to get that UTP cable connected straight to the main modem but my dad doesn't like it one bit ROFL

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Welcome to being a kid kiddo

Welcome to being a kid kiddo ROFL Dads never like you messing with the router/modem 

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True dat. "You wanna mess

True dat. "You wanna mess with the router son? Well buy your own! This one is mine."