BF4: Vote for next maps in upcoming patch

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BF4: Vote for next maps in upcoming patch


With Battlefield 4 Final Stand released, we hope and believe that you will enjoy it together with the rest of the game for a long time. However, there is one thing we want to assure you: there is more content coming for Battlefield 4.

We will share details on exactly what this new content will be, and when it will arrive, in the near future. We understand that this may lead to even more questions about our plans, but rest assured that we’ll get back to you on the future of Battlefield 4 when the time is right.


We’re aware of – and humbled by – the many requests of re-creating classic Battlefield maps within the Battlefield 4 universe. Now we have a question for you: if a reimagining of a Battlefield classic map was to happen, which map would that be?

We’re really curious about your input on this topic, so head to this poll to share it:
Note that you can vote on several maps from several Battlefield games.

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Would love for maps like 2142

Would love for maps like 2142's cerebere landing, or camp gibraltar to make the cut. Proper interesting, well balanced maps. 

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mashtuur city transport

mashtuur city transport vehicles only,


best battlefield experience of my life! it was so good i even payed 10€ for 250MB because i was out of internet traffic, man the good old times...

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road to jalabal

road to jalabal

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Noshar Canals and Damavand

Noshar Canals and Damavand Peak (BF3 and BF4 is the only BF games I've played)

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Sharqi Penninsula

Sharqi Penninsula Big Grin

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 I VOTED XDDDDD, you should

 I VOTED XDDDDD, you should add this badge when people vote on bf4 clans 

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