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Hi, my name is Jens and I feel old (26)

Well I'm new, and searching for a Teamplaying Clan. Becouse I hate it to play Lonewolf.

I don't have problems with following orders inside BF4. 

I don't have a clue what I'm good at. I'm an all rounder. 

Whatt I mostly hate on the Battlefield is QQers and whiners ... I hope I don't find them here.

If somthing bother me ill say it.

I hope you can live with that.

Greetz North.

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Welcome to the website bro!

Welcome to the website bro! Smile

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Hey dude, welcome to the

Hey dude, welcome to the website! Hope to play with you soon!

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Hello aand welcome to the

Hello aand welcome to the site. I hope i will be able to play with you soon Smile

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Welcome to the site

Welcome to the site

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Hey dude,

Hey dude,

That's not old bro, welcome to the veterans! Big Grin