Hey xD

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Hey xD

My name is Jack. Im 15 years old.

I joined this clan mainly because I needed a team to play with, but also because a friend of mine invited me. I enjoy playing Battlefield 4, but also CS:GO and DayZ. I have great interests in gaming, and also building computers. I Hope I can play with you all soon.

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Welcome to the website! Plz

Welcome to the website! Plz remember that you cannot wear the tags untill you've earned them! Big Grin

If you're interested in joining plz read the following thread: http://thetacteam.com/ToS

Hope to see you soon on the Battlefield!

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Ditto what Erazmaz mentioned

Ditto what Erazmaz mentioned Smile

Welcome to the site, and hope to see you around on TeamSpeak!

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Welcome to the site Jack!

Welcome to the site Jack! Smile

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Welcome to the website man!

Welcome to the website man!

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Ayo :3

Ayo :3

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welcome to our website! (:

welcome to our website! (: