Killing Floor 2: Six Pack

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Killing Floor 2: Six Pack

Just looking for possible interest and mass purchasing the newest installment of Killing Floor in a bulk buy method to reduce cost.

Normal retail price is currently £19.99 in GBP

Six Pack price is 99.95, so individual would cost around £16.66

I'm happy to be the one to purchase the pack and give out the keys via Steam, although I will need you to send me the money using PayPal or bank transfer.

There are currently no cheaper CD Keys etc available.

If you are interested, post below and include method of payment

I'd prefer to get this done before the end of this weekend coming (Sunday the 26th)

1. XPT

2. Dynamic (PayPal)

3. Schwarz (PayPal)

4. Spacedementia (PayPal)

5. Schwarz's Friend outwith the clan (PayPal)

6. Another of Schwarz's friends outwith the clan (PayPal)

This first one is filling up fast, if there is more keeness from clanmembers another group could be started Smile

EDIT: First batch purchased.

1. Erazmaz






still not entirely sure as I

still not entirely sure as I'm unfamiliar with the series: how long is a typical game session? what is the minimum squad size?

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Game session is only as long

Game session is only as long as you can survive! So anything between 10mins to an hour depending on difficulty and player skill! The game is a drop in/out style and has persistent stats, so by leaving early you still get all your XP etc, which means you can hop on for 5mins and leave when you have to.

Survival mode servers as standard are for 1-6 players

There were some modded KF1 servers that could take more, and I'd imagine that'll eventually happen with the 2nd one too. Games can be hectic enough with one or two people, and the number of specimens that spawn increase and are tougher the more people are in a server.

The game is in early access atm, but it's pretty well polished, certainly miles better than any of the DayZ early access crap. Plus it shouldnt be in early access for long, as the devs want the "release" version completed a couple of months before the end of the year. For now, they are balancing the "classes" or "perk groups" and their associated abilities and weapons, as well as balancing the specimens themselves. As with KF1 there will be events to fit with seasons and maps added throughout it's lifetime.

Sign me up for team two!

Sign me up for team two!

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Scratch that! Just saw my

Scratch that! Just saw my paycheck ROFL I will not be participating this month ROFL

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This is now available in Key

This is now available in Key stores for pretty much the same price if not cheaper, so I'll just lock this thread. When it comes to keys cheap is best!

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