Bad Admins

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Bad Admins

Hey guys I have a funny story for you.

I was playing some good old BF3 on a 64 player hardcore conquest IAF server. Their one rule is no base rape.

So my team was getting creamed, all bases capped by the other team, and basically forced to stay into the spawn. And I see one of their IAF admins come over into our spawn to c4 our tanks, which is obviously base rape. I proceeded to ask them why their admins were base raping when it was a rule and they kicked me from the server and banned me for a month....

I know it is their server but that just makes me mad. 

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Things like that are sad to

Things like that are sad to hear Sad

just a classic "it's fine to do it to others, as long as they can't do it to me" attitude which plaques society in general nowadays!

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Bf3? Now thats a word i

Bf3? Now thats a word i havent seen in a long time Big Grin admins in bf3 were all kicking for worst reasons ever ROFL

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