recording stutter/lag

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recording stutter/lag

so I have question for everyone who does record gameplay or stream it, what kind of software you use to record and what kind of settings you use?

I've been trying to use OBS and dxtory, BUT i get this weird stutter or lag every 2 seconds.. it even shows up in the playback. So if any of you guys have solution for this? much appreciate if you could enlighten me! Big Grin or then it's just my shitty hardware...

hardware details:

Motherboard: ASUS P7P55-M (update coming soon)

CPU: Intel Core i7 860 2.80GHz (update coming soon)


GPU: ASUS Radeon R9 280x 3GB CU 2 TOP

Power Supply: Chieftek 1000W ATX
Storage device: some 4 years old HDD drive 1 TB

I've been thinking this HDD could cause some bottle necking but could it? help! (SSD is broken, buying new one soon)




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Try AMD's GVR (included in

Try AMD's GVR (included in Raptr). Otherwise, which settings have you used in the other recording programs?

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wait, you are recording to

wait, you are recording to the disk you are playing on? thats your problem. If the game and recording program are on the same disc as where you are writing your recording to it will always stutter. Its like a male, it cant do two things at once.

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I did kinda fix it with OBS,

I did kinda fix it with OBS, guess it's my cpu bottlenecking.. changed cpu preset in OBS to ultrafast, no stutter now.

current settings local recording

might upload that test video see how crap it looks like Big Grin but definately i need another hard drive for recording... or new PC Big Grin



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I have my games on a

I have my games on a secondary HDD, and I use AMD's Gaming Evolved (By Raptr) application, and it works wonders. It saves the Recordings to my OS HDD, so the ammount of lag is minimal. It's a really great application for both streaming and recording, too bad it can't do both at the same time..

Also, by using AMD Gaming Evolved, you get points by playing games, in which you can use to buy both games and additional hardware (A Sapphire R9 270 Dual-X as highest, with 80 000 points) Wink

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alright.. I might try that

alright.. I might try that out as well thx! Here is the clip I recorded with those OBS settings, dont think i can get any better quality. don't mind my noobish editing skills Big Grin