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Hello community

My name is Tor (i expect a lot of puns when playing sledge :p) and i live outside Oslo in Norway. I am 42 years old, married and have kid(s).

My online gaming history started with CS 1.3, and i played cs for many years, before i moved over to BF3. I did not like BF hardline, so i was relieved to find out how much i enjoyed r6. I am pretty sure this is a stayer for me. I also enjoy Total war, even though they messed up with TW: Attila. 

I work as a network administrator in a big company in Oslo, but this is my 3rd profession so lets see how long im sticking to it.

My RL hobbies is fishing, knifemaking,  music\concerts (norwegian black metal ofc) and having quality time with my 5 year old boy. We are having a daughter in the beginning of march, so i might not be online so much the next couple of weeks. But when im online i expect nothing else than winning Tongue

I got to know TTT after i got bashed in chat by jenx Wink and he said i could check out TTT if wanted to. I thought i must check out where all those big words came from, hehe. So my expectations is high, especially from you jenx Big Grin

I regard myself as a fairly laid-back guy (only in casual gaming ;)), and when im settling in somewhere i am very loyal. I enjoy a good joke, but when things are serious i am very competitive. People say i am a "bad loser", but a "good loser" is someone used to losing imo.

From what i have seen the last 2 days, i think TTT is a place i can enjoy, if i am accepted. And i am sure i can contribute in a positive way. Both social and in-game.

I am looking forward to get to know you better, and win a lot of ranked games Smile

~On my signal.....unleash hell


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Awesome introduction post man

Awesome introduction post man! Welcome to the site!

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That's how I recruit people,

That's how I recruit people, either I teabag them or I chat them to death ROFLROFL big words=big skills Big Grin it was great hearing you on TS yesterday and I hope you will stay here. Welcome Smile And your son is a total baws on that pic ;D

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One of the best introduction

One of the best introduction threads in my opinion. We have recently been getting outstanding intro. threads that are really raising the bar! That's awesome!

Welcome to the website Tor! 

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Welcome Tor, the time and

Welcome Tor, the time and effort put into your introduction puts everone else to shame, good stuff!

I don't know you yet but I already know you are a nice guy Tongue

Jeg ser frem til å bli kjent med deg!

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Thanks for the fun games we played together.

Looking forward to playing more with you.

Great intro post.

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#win with McGruber gif  

#win with McGruber gif ROFL 

Welcome to the website!!

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Looking forward to playing

Looking forward to playing with you again, third guy from Norway! Dance

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Great introduction! Network

Great introduction! Network administrator eh? I am currently studying about that in, uhm, gymnasium, if you know what that is. ROFL So yeah, first year, currently having A in that subject (as well as website developing), and even surprising my teachers of my knowledge. I have been experimenting a lot home, and more will come as soon as I get my hands on an Raspberry Pi 3. Any tips you can give? ^^Anyways, welcome to the website! See you in Teamspeak! Smile

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